GRIDZONE: Public Sale Details

($ZONE) Public Sale starts on Tuesday, August 31st, 2021

GridZone is a next-gen NFT metaverse with interactive 3D NFT, play to earn racing game, party to earn VR club and many more. But what distinguish us from most of the projects in the NFT Zootopia is our unique aesthetics.

As a DAO, GridZone is governed and upgraded by the community of $ZONE token holders. DAO members ($ZONE holders) can make proposals for any platform changes, vote directly, or delegate their votes to representatives who vote on their behalf. In this way, DAO members have total control over voting rights, GridZone assets, distribution of resources, and future developments.

Recap on GridZone Fashion (GZFs) AirDrop

All 1,000 GridZone Fashions (GZFs) have been claimed in a few hours! Airdrop is officially finished.

Everyone was able to test the Airdrop platform on and 1000 of them have claimed the exclusive NFTs successfully(no gas needed).

We did this mainnet test publicly and received a lot of valuable data and feedback from it.

It’s a monument for GridZone. We got to see how the GridZone main infrastructure we are building works, encountered many problems and already working on them. Many thanks to all the airdrop participants!! You guys gave so many valuable feedback in just a few hours that could help us improve GridZone in the long term. That is what’s important to us.

Upcoming Public Sale

$ZONE — Governance token of GridZone metaverse, a utility token, empowers its owners with the ability to govern the GridZone. Also, can be used to mint all the NFTs on GridZone marketplace, for tx fee between GridZone NYM accounts and more.

Public Sale Details

Only 5% of total $ZONE supply (1,400,000 $ZONE) are available for purchase

  • Minimum purchase amount is 0.001ETH
  • 10% Public Sale Bonus on any ZONE purchase
  • 10% Additional Bonus on amounts 10ETH and above
  • NFT bonus — you can claim free 3D NFTs that can be used in GridZone or sell on OpenSea
  • For each 0.1 ETH you invested you will receive 1 NFT credit. I.e if you invest 1ETH you’ll get 10 NFT credits
  • Credits can be redeemed for exclusive interactive 3D NFTs on GZ Marketplace.

1. Go to Connect your wallet through MetaMask Wallet, WalletConnect or Coinbase Wallet(on Ethereum network) and sign up (or log in if you’ve already signed up). If you have trouble creating account with Hardware wallet, please use MetaMask Wallet instead. After log in, you can use any wallet of your preference inside GridZone.

2. After login/signup, click the swap button on the left of the GZ button. You’ll be directed to Swap page.

3. You can connect any wallet, hardware or software via MetaMask, WalletConnect or CoinBase WalletLink protocols. After your wallet is connected, enter the desired amount and click the swap button ( middle swap widget) after public sale starts.

4. After the transaction is confirmed, $ZONE tokens will be sent to your wallet.

Your Wallet balance will automatically update the total amount of $ZONE purchased. If you can’t see it on your portfolio, please try adding custom token.

NFT credits will show up on your credit balance (on the upper right corner) after purchase. (0.1 ETH = 1 NFT credit; 1ETH = 10 NFT credits)

5. Navigate to the GZ Marketplace and redeem the NFTs you like with the credits on your balance. You can add them to your cart and mint(reserve) them all together.

6. Site will prompt you to your profile page, you can click on NFTs to check your MINT status (when you reserved NFT’s will be available to MINT).

7. After the time is up, you will be able to claim/mint your NFTs.

There will be a video tutorial posted in #announcement channel on Discord right before public sale starts that will guide you through all the process.

That’s it! See you guys in GridZone!

Next-gen art-focused gamified social experience on Ethereum with unique digital identities, and interactive 3D NFT Art.