GridZone: Q3 2021 Update and Upcoming Events

Some quick updates on GZ:

  • GZ Bridge Channel has completed testing and is now public in our discord.
  • GZ NFT contracts on Opensea are currently on Polygon Mumbai Testnet to include NFT minting and interactive 3D NFTs.
  • GZ Astro Cafe and Zone Racer desktop demo experience
  • Additional 3D NYM Avatars, art, and t-shirt designs

The GridZone team is committed to building and developing a seamless, user-friendly platform for our users and community.

One of the many things that separates us from our competitors is that we are building a fully functional infrastructure on Polygon so that our users can interact and experience a seamless user experience (super fast and essentially zero cost transactions) in the GridZone metaverse. This platform development is complex so that it can still be used in the future for various other features.

As we continue to build through Q3 of 2021, we are in the process of testing and launching our GridZone BOTs online. The very first BOT available to GridZone users will be Airdrop BOT, followed by staking and NFT mining BOTs.

To read more about our various BOTs, please refer back to

As the GridZone community grows, we would like to show our appreciation for early users, followers, and supporters.

1,000 exclusive NFT wearables will be airdropped to early GridZone supporters and community members.

To be eligible:

  1. Follow us on Twitter @GridZoneDAO
  2. Like and Retweet our pinned tweet
  3. Join us on Discord (

First come, first serve. These will be limited edition and wearable on your avatar in GridZone metaverse. In 2–3 weeks, please visit back to our home page home page ( to enter your handle and claim your NFT.

We are aiming to complete our first Airdrop in the next 2–3 weeks. More details and specifics of the airdrop deadline will be made available when testing and development is completed. Public sale is in ZONE contract itself, so there will be no delays.

We will have our ZONE token public sale in 1 month.

The countdown is visible on our GZ swap page (

P.S. We will also have another surprise after the public sale for those who have interacted with ZONE contract.

As always, make sure to join the community and follow us to stay to date!




Next-gen art-focused gamified social experience on Ethereum with unique digital identities, and interactive 3D NFT Art.