GridZoneDAO: NEONPUNK NYM NFT Collection — Minting Starts @ 21th December (UTC 12:00)

3 min readDec 20, 2021


On the 21th December (12:00 UTC), we at GridZoneDAO will launch the NEONPUNK NYM NFT Collection which includes 300 exclusive customizable 3D Avatar NFTs. They represent the visual representation of you as a user in our Metaverse and will be your external entry ticket to the Astro Cafe. The mint price is 0.15 ETH and there is no whitelist.

In the creation phase of the NEONPUNK NFTs we aimed for an exclusive design that brings you in the right mood to explore our Metaverse in the near future. The collectibles can be worn by your Metaverse identity, acting as a visual representation of yourself.

To mint one of the 300 NEONPUNK NYM NFTs just visit our website on the 21th December (start 12:00 UTC) and follow the minting instructions. Make sure your wallet covers not just the 0.15 ETH but also the gas-fees for the transaction.

What is The NEONPUNK Collection?

The NEONPUNK Collection is the Genesis drop for the NYM NFTs. Your digital identity on Gridzone is represented as a ‘NYM’, short for ‘pseudonym’. This NYM is effectively your digital DNA, be it for your own identity or that of a business on the Gridzone metaverse. Ownership is governed by NFTs, each NYM = one NFT on the Ethereum Blockchain. They cannot be duplicated and belong solely to the owner of the NFT.

What is GridZoneDAO exactly?

GridZoneDAO is an approach to create a next-gen art-focused Metaverse on Ethereum with unique digital identities, 3D VR world, and interactive 3D NFT art. GridZone is a place where users connect, interact, play, create and participate in a decentralized economy with profound societal impact.

The ‘metaverse’ with unique digital identities as NFTs (the NEONPUNK NYM’s), organized by a Decentralized Autonomous Organisation.

The start of the NEONPUNK NYM NFT Sale is the first step!

The GridZoneDAO acts as a separate entity and is managed by a group of DAO members. All processes are bound by strict rules. The source code is open source, can be viewed but not arbitrarily changed. In the end, every social interaction in the Gridzone Metaverse will be a smart contract interaction.

$ZONE Token & Governance

To make sure the GridZone works smoothly and can be governed by the community, the ZONE token will be used. The (ZONE) Governance token, a utility token, empowers its owners with the ability to govern the GridZone platform.

Not only does it enable them to propose and vote on the direction of the organisation but also allows them to have a voice on how GridZone spends its resources. This way ZONE token holders have total control over GridZone assets, distribution of profits, and future developments.

Also it is possible to stake your ZONE tokens:

Enter the $ZONE! NYM NFT Minting starts @ 21th December, 12:00 UTC!












Next-gen art-focused gamified social experience on Ethereum with unique digital identities, and interactive 3D NFT Art.